Franchise Process

IHMCS with its network of 16 institutes offers undergraduate and vocational level programs in Business Management, Hospitality Management, Retail Operations, Aviation Management, English for Communication and Personality Development. IHMCS is a chain of ‘Owned’ as well as ‘Franchised’ institutes. IHMCS is a process driven organization that is geared-up to help people driven businesses across the nation to perform better. Our academic alliances coupled with our focus on high-quality trainings will help students to become efficient, multi-skilled and well-trained professionals.

IHMCS will contribute with all the following:

  • Will lend its brand to be used for the period mentioned in the agreement.
  • Intellectual property required to set up and manage the institute, i.e., curriculum, recruitment and training, certification etc.
  • Will suggest specific standardized designs and equipments required for effective delivery of the programs.
  • Will assist students in placements.

The Franchisee is expected to:

  • Make necessary capital and operational expenses.
  • Set up the institute strictly in accordance with the design policies of IHMCS.
  • Adhere to other general guidelines as specified by IHMCS.
  • Conduct recruitment of necessary staff as specified by IHMCS. Incur local advertising/marketing costs as agreed with IHMCS.

Below mentioned is a brief on the requirements:

  • Land & Building: 2,500 to 4,000 Sq. ft. of Carpet Area.
  • Capital Costs: Will depend on the current condition of the premises.
  • Brand Fee covers the costs of international affiliations and initial set up.